Drag Conversion Instructions (Square Tooth)

For Abel Big-Game Reels and Super Series only

  • Remove locknut

  • Remove dragnob
  • Remove spool
  • Using a screwdriver that matches the slot size of the pawl screw and turning to the left (counterclockwise), remove the pawl screw.

  • Flip the pawl over

  • Re-insert the pawl screw and tighten, to the right (clockwise) just so it's snug


  • Replace spool



1. If the springs became dislodged,

replace them over the pins

(Shortest spring on the pin closest to the screw).

Springs are held on with grease only.

2. Drag plate has to be removed to adjust

or replace springs.

From Right-Hand to Left-Hand

#1. Using a screwdriver, loosen the pawl screw (counterclockwise)

#2. Remove screw and flip Pawl over

#3. Re-insert the pawl screw and tighten (clockwise)