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Practice Counts Fly Casting Game

The Practice Counts Fly Casting Game will help you become a more accurate Fly Caster. Just tie on one of the Velcro flies and cast to the target... It's harder than you think. Fun for the whole family.

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Practice Counts Fly Casting Game

What makes Tiger Woods so Good ???

Practice, Practice and more Practice....

Successful fly fishing is not much different than Golf...the guys with the most practice and experience usually catch more fish.

Practice for me conjures up...2 a day football practices in the Muggy August Heat of Alabama...That's not a lot of fun.

There is a way to practice and have fun too. Invite a few of your buddies over and have them try the "Practice Counts" fly casting game. If they're like my friends, it will only take a few minutes before the practice session turns into a game of chance.

The game is simple enough...tie on one of the Velcro® flies and try to hit the 17-inch circular'll know when you hit pay dirt, the Velcro® fly sticks to the careful not to hit the inflatable Bonefish, or worse...line him....if you do, you just lost points and have to give up your turn.

It's the perfect practice tool with plenty of suggestions for helping you become a better caster...try making one false cast and hitting the target.... that will sure help when you're standing on deck and need to make a quick cast to a lonesome Bonefish or Tarpon.

Practice Counts Bonefish Blow-Up
Practice Counts Target Pad
Practice Counts in the Yard
  • 1 Custom Designed Inflatable Fish
  • 1 Practice Target
  • 4 Practice Flies
  • 6 Target Tees
  • 1 Instruction Manual


The Practice Counts System is simple.
1. Find a suitable location to practice allowing room for a comfortable back cast and target area. Suitable locations should include a soft, grassy surface to prevent rapid fly line deterioration.
2. Attach the target in the target area using the tees supplied and securing them firmly in the ground through the grommets in the target.

3. The included fish contains a bladder located on the belly for adding weight to maintain a stationary position even in moderate wind. You may fill the bladder with sand, shot, or even water and then seal the bladder with the attached stopper. Inflate the fish using the valve located near the tail.

4. The inflatable fish is the most important aspect of the Practice Counts System. Rather than learning to cast to a target only, this will teach you to cast to a position relative to a fish's location, and make suit-able presentations under actual fishing conditions.

5. Tie the Practice Counts fly to your leader. Four flies are included in two sizes, weighted and unweighted, allowing the caster to practice for most fishing situ-ations. NOTE: Additional flies can be tied in order to more specifically meet fly sizes and weights using the "hook" portion of Velcro. Some experimentation may be necessary.

6. Now you are ready to cast to the target. Upon hit-ting the target you will notice that the fly will adhere to the point of actually allowing you to put a bend in the rod. The fly can then be removed with a quick "pick-up", and you are ready to make your next cast.

CAUTION: To create the feel of a "hook-up" and to reward the caster for hitting the target, Practice Counts has been designed so that the fly adheres tightly to the target. Always use caution when removing the fly as it may be directed back toward the caster. As in actual fishing conditions, proper, protective eyewear should be worn at all times.




Although Practice Counts in its simplest form should make your casting practice sessions more fun…only your imagination will limit the endless possibilities offered. Below are just a few suggestions for making practice not only fun, but also exciting.

1. Practice with a fishing friend. Competition requires concentration and consistency.

2. Using a stopwatch, count the number of "hook-ups" made in a specific time period…30, 60, 90 seconds, etc.

3. Limit the number of false casts allowed to reach and hit the target.

4. With your back to the target area, allow your com-petitor to position the target and fish. This will require you to turn and quickly acquire the target. Quickest target acquisition wins.

5. With multiple games, set up two, three, or more targets in varying positions and see who is the fastest in "hooking up" ALL targets in the shortest amount of time.

6. Cast to the target using your "back cast". Ask yourself how many times you have had to do this in real fishing situations.




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