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Rod Holders
Grip Holder

The Grip Holders feature removable black foam inserts. Removing these inserts increases the grip opening size so larger rod handles can be loaded. Replacing the inserts creates a grip opening perfect for accommodating smaller lightweight rods. This allows you to carry any combination of sizes and types of rods and reels with your RodLoft PRO. In addition, each of the grip holder’s feature special cutouts that secure rod tips when carrying your rods broken down.

Grip Holder with Foam Insert Removed
Tip Holder

The Tip Holders offer foam-padded tip keepers with oversize openings for easy tip loading. For really big guides, a section of the foam can be cut away for easy loading. They’ve also included security straps for the cut away tip holders. Engage the security straps and your rods will be held safe and snug on even the gnarliest “roads”.

Tip Holder with Foam Cut Away
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