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Each new knife is packaged with written documentation of the Benchmade Warranty. Benchmade Knife Company, Inc. warrants to the original owner that the knife will be free from defects in materials and workmanship. Benchmade will without charge, repair or replace at our (Benchmade's) option, any knife returned for Warranty work and found to be defective by Benchmade. The knife must be shipped by owner, prepaid and insured, together with a description of the problem and must be accompanied by the original bill of sale, your charge or credit receipt or any satisfactory proof of the original date of purchase.

WHAT IS COVERED - This Warranty covers replacement parts and labor.

WHAT IS NOT COVERED - This warranty does not cover normal wear, re-sharpening of the blade (view LifeSharp™ Service), damage caused by neglect, misuse or the failure to perform normal or necessary maintenance, or shipping costs for returned knives. Disassembly of the knife by anyone other than Benchmade's own Warranty/Repair Department will void warranty. Please read the complete Warranty information and proper knife care instructions provided with each packaged knife.

Warranty Address:

Mail knife(s) to:

Attn: Warranty Dept.
300 Beavercreek Road
Oregon City, OR 97045

LifeSharp™ Service

There's never a dull moment with a Benchmade... That's right! We will gladly re-sharpen your Benchmade knife to a factory razor sharp edge (service does not apply to any serrated portion of the blade). If you prefer us to sharpen your blade, or if you may have neglected to maintain your edge for a while, simply ship your knife to us. We'll not only sharpen it, but we will also inspect the knife for any warranted repairs and "tune" the knife for optimum performance. Simply ship the knife to the Benchmade address, postage paid and insured. Please enclose your return shipping address with $5.00 for first knife and $2.50 for each additional knife, to cover handling and return shipping charges.

Mail knife(s) to:

300 Beavercreek Road
Oregon City, OR 97045

Questions can be directed to 800.800.7427 or, email to

Knife Care

Benchmade knives are high-performance cutting tools made from some of the finest materials in the world. Even though we use these select materials it is still important to use proper care and maintenance to ensure optimum performance levels. Always keep your knife blade sharp. A dull knife requires additional force to use and is potentially more dangerous to use than a sharp one. There are a variety of products available when it comes to sharpening your knife. Benchmade also offers a LifeSharp™ service to its customers, which is a nice convenience. As for which one is best, it pretty much comes down to choosing the one you're most comfortable with using. Never sharpen your knife on a power-grinding wheel as this can burn the temper out of the blade and weaken its integrity.

Always keep the locking areas of your knife clean- accumulation of dirt or debris could adversely affect the locking mechanism creating a potential safety hazard. To clean these areas we recommend using compressed air and lubricating with the specialty lubricant, MILITEC-1®.

Most of our blade steels have a very high carbon content which enables them to hold a superior cutting edge. Unfortunately, carbon is also the element that causes rust so, preventive care is required if the knife is used in humid or marine environments. To aid in the cleaning of rust on the blades, we recommend using a fine grade, semi-chrome polish. A product such as marine Tuf-Cloth™ works well to not only wipe down the blade for cleaning but, also adds an invisible coating for added corrosion protection without leaving any oily film which may attract dirt and debris. Lightly lubricate the pivot of the blade periodically to keep it operating smoothly.

Never attempt to use your knife as a screwdriver, pry-bar, chisel, or punch. Never throw your knife. It was not designed for those purposes. Use for any purpose other than cutting is considered abuse and is not covered under the Benchmade Warranty. DO NOT disassemble your Benchmade knife. Disassembly by anyone other than the Benchmade Knife Company, Inc. Warranty/Repair Department will void the warranty! Minimum charge to reassemble your knife is $20.00 plus parts.

Most of all please enjoy your new knife and always remember to use it in a safe, responsible manner. Thank you for choosing Benchmade.

Blade Steels

154CM - An American made premium grade stainless steel originally developed for turbine blades in jet engines. The predecessor to ATS-34, which has now seen a strong resurgence in the knife market. Good corrosion resistance with excellent toughness and edge quality.

440C - A high-chromium stainless steel with an excellent balance of good hardness and excellent corrosion resistance. 440C takes a nice edge and comes back fairly easy as well. An excellent value priced steel for its performance.

N690 - An Austrian made stainless steel, which is comparable to 440C in performance and value. Keen edge qualities with excellent corrosion resistance.

Locking Mechanisms

Lock Back - A basic functional lock, which is relatively simple and low cost to manufacture. In practice the lock design positions a stop bar parallel to and in direct line with the blade at the upper back or rear tang of the blade to lock the blade open. Basically, as the blade is rotated open, the spring tensioned, center pivoted stop bar tracks around the circular portion of the blade tang until it drops or locks into the notched out tang. And to release the lock, the exposed portion of the stop bar in the handle back is depressed into the handle, pivoting the stop bar out, releasing the locked blade. This style of locking mechanism requires two hands to safely close the blade although you may still easily open the blade single-handed if desired. It's a very functional mechanism and it is used throughout the knife industry today.

AXIS™ Lock - A Benchmade exclusive, this patented AXIS™ locking mechanism is an ingenious marvel that has been touted by some as quite possibly "the strongest folding lock ever."

It's the culmination of four years of "tinkering" by renowned custom knife makers Bill McHenry and Jason Williams.

So simple yet so functional, this mechanism is certain to leave you scratching your head and saying, "WOW, why didn't I think of that…"

The features of the AXIS lock are significant and greatly enhance the function of knives. First and foremost is the strength. This lock is definitely more than adequate for the demands of normal knife use. A close second to strength is the inherent AXIS advantage of being totally ambidextrous without user compromise. The blade can be readily actuated open or closed with either hand- without ever having to place flesh in the blade path. Lastly, and certainly not any less impressive, is the indescribable "smoothness" with which the mechanism and blade function. By design there are no traditional "friction" parts to the AXIS mechanism, making the action the much smoother. And it's all reasonably exposed so you can easily clean away any unwarranted debris.

Basically, AXIS gets its function from a spring-loaded bar that rides forward and back in a slot machined into both liners. The bar extends to both sides of the knife; spanning the space between the liners and is positioned over the rear of the blade. It engages a ramped notch cut into the tang portion of the knife blade when it is opened. Two omega style springs, one on each liner, give the locking bar its inertia to engage the knife tang, and as a result the tang is wedged solidly between a sizable stop pin and the AXIS bar itself. It's a lot of words in an attempt to describe simplicity, but the very best way to truly appreciate the AXIS lock is to experience it for yourself firsthand. There are several models to choose from with more on the way.

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