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Smart Spooler Fly Line Cleaning System

Smart Spooler


Now, salt and dirt don't stand a chance: the SMART SPOOLER washes them off before they dry onto your fly line, backing or braided line. Your precious Fly Fishing tackle will really last longer!

Maintenance and cleaning of fly reels, fly line and backing is child's play and extremely fast* with the help of a cordless drill.

Desalinate and clean spools of spinning and bait caster reels. Reverse braided line (two spools are needed) or remove old line for quick disposal.

Made of fiber-glass reinforced plastic, high quality rubber and stainless steel, all parts of the SMART SPOOLER are guaranteed two years!

Smart SPOOLER more info window

With the WINDER placed on a cordless drill, winding backing and fly line back onto the fly reel is very fast, tight, and evenly spread. No tangles, no birds' nests.

Smart Spooler Line WINDER
Smart Spooler Line WINDER

The WINDER fits on 85% of all fly reels produced world-wide! The soft rubber does not harm the fly reel's finish. more info window

Complete Kit Contains

Complete Kit

The SMART SPOOLER can also be used manually, without a cordless drill.

Useful on fishing trips or when only little backing is present on the flyreel (trout fishing).

Smart Spooler Line WINDER
Smart Spooler Line WINDER

Winding the line back onto the reel is very easy with the reel mounted on a rod butt.

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