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Fly Line Information

Your fly fishing combo comes with a Weight Forward Floating (Bulk) Fly Line spooled onto the reel.

However, for an additional fee we will replace your bulk line with a Name Brand Fly Line.

Depending upon the combo you are ordering, you may select from one or more of the following Fly Lines:

Weight Forward Floating Fly Lines:
Ultra 4 Floating Line by Scientific Anglers

Ultra 4 Floating Lines

Ultra 4 Floating Lines, all formulated with AST, are comprised of a special PVC mixture, with 3M Microballoons™ and the dry AST compound right to the core. Because AST is integral within the coating, it will never wear off or wash off. It's always slick.

AST - Advanced Shooting TechnologyFloats Higher, Shoots Better, Casts Farther, Stays Cleaner, Lasts Longer

RIO Grand® Fly Line by RIO

The RIO Grand® is state-of-the-art in fly line technology with distinctive benefits for the trout fly fisher. The tip floats extremely high due to RIO’s proprietary manufacturing process, yet gives a smooth light delivery of even the smallest dry fly.

The weight forward taper features a slightly heavier load (about half a line weight heavier) to activate the faster modern fly rod, yet the rear taper is long enough for roll casting.

The RIO Grand® fly line is the product of RIO’s SlickShooter™ Process and incorporates a supple coldwater, super slick, self-lubricating, dirt-resistant coating on a nylon multifilament core.

The Clouser™ Fly Line by RIO

Casting heavy or wind-resistant flies has always been a challenge, even for good casters. RIO collaborated with Bob Clouser, famed fly tier, guide, instructor and conservationist, best known for inventing the Clouser Minnow, one of the most versatile flies for both fresh and saltwater.

The Clouser™ line, with a unique reverse compound taper and a bullet front taper, smoothly transfers energy to prevent the characteristic “kick” with heavily weighted flies.

This taper effortlessly turns over heavy flies into the wind for both short and long casts.

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