Smart Spooler Information
Smart Spooler
Holder Winder Desalinating & Cleaning
The Smart Spooler's Holder

All parts fit inside the spool holder and are easy to assemble by the user.

The spool holder can be weighted with gravel, lead, bolts, etc., for stability.

Self-adhesive anti-slip pads and stainless steel line guide ring.

The Smart Spooler's Winder

The WINDER fits on 85% of all fly reels produced world-wide! The soft rubber does not harm the fly reel's finish.

Most reels equipped with a cylindrical counter-weight will find their matching pairs of slots on the winder.

The WINDER is NOT suited for fly reels without or with odd-shaped counter weights, nor for anti-reverse reels (special shaped handles).

For very large off-shore reels, pre-traced slots can be cut out, using a sharp knife and a round file.

Customizing the shape of certain holes to fit your reel's handle, is very easy with a round file or a sharp knife.

Tested Successfully
  • Bauer
  • Abel
  • System 2
  • Sage*
  • Ross
  • Orvis*
  • G. Loomis
  • Loop*
  • Tibor
  • Hardy*
  • Cortland
  • Old Florida
  • Redington
  • Okuma
  • Galvan
  • Magnum
  • G-Seven
  • Giorgio Benecchi's
  • Gilmore*
  • Greys*
  • Scierra
  • Lamson*
  • Dragonfly*
  • Shakespeare
  • Shimano
  • Marryat
  • Lamina
  • Airflo
  • Danica
  • Youngs
  • Daiwa
  • *models with counter weights
    Desalinating & Cleaning

    Soak the spool for Several hours. This dissolves all salt crystals trapped in the backing and fly line.

    Rinsing with clear water removes the last traces of salt and dirt.

    Spin-dry to remove the water and leave to dry...until the next trip!

    Do all this without tangling the backing and fly line.

    The large arbor and open construction offers perfect storage conditions.

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