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Flies Ties & Lies by Tom Zacoi

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Note: Introduction by Lefty Kreh
Illustrated by Jeff Wynn
Flies Ties and Lies by Tom Zacoi

'Tom Zacoi is deeply immersed in the art and sport of fly fishing. And, to quote Lefty Kreh in the introduction to this book, "Tom is a marvelous storyteller".

Flies, Ties & Lies is a book like no other. It is a practical handbook on one hand, biographical on the other and a guidebook on the third (?!!) hand. Each practical teaching chapter is followed up with a biographical story. For instance, Chapter One "Fly Casting" is followed up by "God Bless You, Uncle Gino", a thank you to the man who started Tom on fishing.

Perhaps the most instructional section is Chapter Two - Reading The Water. This is an awesome study of water movement and trout vision. I realize now, after reading this chapter, how naive and careless I have been my whole fishing career. How many fish must I have spooked off over the years? The stream and its immediate surrounding are carefully disected, horizontally and vertically. The author studies and relates how the fish interact with each portion of the stream, both in the water and out.

Flies, Ties and Lies includes a chapter on the favorite patterns of the late Chauncy Lively. Chauncy was a master fly tier whose work influenced a generation of fly tiers. The book is beautifully illustrated throughout with the work of angling artist Jeff Wynn of Hopewell Township, Pennsylvania.

Combining his love for fly fishing with his community service, Tom Zacoi has designated that the net proceeds from the sales of the book be contributed to the Federation of Fly Fishers, The Humane Society of Crawford County, Michigan and Trout Unlimited.'

- Flyfishing Mid Atlantic States Magazine

Flies Ties and Lies by Tom Zacoi
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